3D Systems partners with shipbuilding leaders to improve corrosion-resistance of metal 3D printed pa

3D Systems is to develop a corrosion performance design guide for the direct metal printing of nickel alloys that could help to reduce maintenance costs in the shipbuilding industry.

The company has been awarded a contract by America Makes and the Department of Defense (DoD) and will collaborate with Newport News Shipbuilding, Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems and corrosion experts at the University of Akron. Together, the organisations will gather corrosion data and explore how additively manufactured components can be finished so as to limit deterioration caused by saltwater.

This research and development programme has been commissioned to address the U.S. Navys yearly $8.5 billion corrosion-specific maintenance costs. Corrosion is said to be accelerated when parts have gone through heat treatment and machining processes which causes stress and weakens the properties of the metal. Additive manufacturing offers the potential for production and delivery times to be reduced, while 3D Systems Direct Metal Printing (DMP) technology in particular is considered an ideal manufacturing process because of its low oxygen content and ability to produce high quality parts. It is hoped with this research and development effort, a better understanding of the corrosion of additively manufactured parts will be garnered and solutions on how to improve corrosion resistance will be found.   

The partners will look to identify the specific mechanisms that cause corrosion in naval sea system plat....

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