Emma Davis 14 Is on a Boat! Southwestern University

"SV Indy is a Pacific Seacraft and is 37 feet of possibility. She was designed by the legend...

I certainly would not be doing this if it was not for Southwestern and the family that took me under their wing there, Emma Davis 14 says of her latest adventure.

Davis and Eicher's van off the California coast.She and her boyfriend of three years, Daniel Eicher, spent the summer of 2018 living in a van as they traveled from her hometown of San Antonio to Seattle, where they met up with an older couple who had circumnavigated the globe in a sailboat and who taught Davis and Eicher what they had learned on their journey around the world. Now, the SU alum and her partner are on an odyssey of a lifetime, sailing around the Puget Sound this summer before heading north toward Alaska. Late this fall, after hurricane season has passed, they will sail down the West Coast to Mexico, where they will cruise around the Sea of Cortez for a few weeks. Eventually, they will journey across the Pacific through the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia to New Zealand.

Where they go after that remains up in the air. All Davis knows is that (1) the Pacific Northwest is a wonderfully beautiful opposite from central Texas and (2) she could never have guessed that living on the ocean is where her young life would lead.

Being from San Antonio, theres nowhere for us to sail, and thats not even a thing that we think about. We think aboutI dont know, maybe tacos? she jokes. But it was Eichers lifelong dream to sail the world, and Davis was both intrigued and eager to join him, so she learned how to sail. ....

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