Military experts named to S.C. Floodwater Commission | National

Colonels William Mellard Bill Connor and W. Thomas Smith Jr. have been named to the National Security Task Force of the newly formed South Carolina Floodwater Commission.

Their appointments were effective Dec. 27, 2018.

Connor, an Orangeburg-based attorney and U.S. Army Reserve Infantry officer (Airborne Ranger), is a decorated combat veteran and former senior U.S. military adviser in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He currently serves as the Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer (EPLO) for S.C.

Afghan war not failure

As EPLO, Connor is the ranking military representative of U.S. Army North for the Palmetto State.

Connor also frequently writes for The T&D.

Do we care about boys?

Smith, a retired S.C. Military Department officer and former U.S. Marine Corps Infantry leader, counterterrorism instructor and SWAT team officer in the nuclear industry, is a professional writer, a New York Times bestselling editor and an internationally acclaimed military technical consultant. A veteran war correspondent, Smith has covered the conflict in the Balkans and throughout the Middle East (twice in Iraq during the war).

The National Security Task Force is one of 10 named task forces (aka subcommittees) comprising the S.C. Flood Commission. Aside from Connor and Smith, whose responsibilities are more specialized to serve the needs of the task force and the broader commission, commissioners serving on the National Security Task Force are primarily the commanders of federal military installations ....

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