Theresa May already had a chance to bring 'world class care' to the NHS she failed

Forgive me if I dont put much stead in Theresa Mays promise to build a world class health service.

Firstly, shes broken so many other promises, and secondly, its exactly what any politician in her position would say.

I want her, or some politician with some spine, to say what most of us realise. The NHS needs a lot more money and that means one of two things: We either start paying for it at the point of service something I did for the over 30 years I lived in the US and would not recommend or we have to raise taxes.

I live in hope, but see no signs that any politician will have the required courage to state what to me is glaringly obvious about her latest empty promise. And these are the people who are going to lead us into a brave new world after Brexit.

Steve MumbyBournemouth

Fracking out

Well done Greater Manchester, now lets hope the government doesnt overrule this very sensible and much needed ban on fracking.

The technology and operation of fracking is inherently flawed and until more serious, safe development is achieved, banning it is the only sensible solution.

Additionally, like electricity produced by the use of nuclear energy, fracking leaves a disastrous legacy on our land and water infrastructure.

Much wiser (and safer) to invest the money wasted on fracking in more and different forms of renewable energy solutions.

We are already reducing our coal-powered electricity production, albeit by only four days last year, but its a start. Germany has had one day of non-coal ....

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